Best Happy Diwali 2014 Rangoli Ideas

As we all know Diwali is coming soon, there is not too much days remaining in Diwali, So guys you should be ready to celebrate the Diwali 2014 but different kind of means. Actually as the Navratri begins, the festival season has started and we make preparations for festivals like shopping, home decoration, making recipes and gift preparations. So in this article we will introduce from various kind of Rangoli making ideas to decorate your home on This Diwali 2014.

Rangoli is the best and necessary way to make your Diwali more beautiful. You can draw it on your floor easily and after making it decorate it with diyas and candles. If you think yo need to special material for making Rangoli than you are wrong. Rangoli can made with any kind of home made material or ingredient that we use in our home at daily bases like rice, beans etc.

Rangoli is a very cost effective idea to decorate your home on Diwali or any other special occasion. You can make best Rangoli by various kind of things like rice, beans, Gulaal, colours, flowers, pearl, seap ans any other material. For making Rangoli, it is required only good drawing skill and good color choice as well as better rangoli ideas and knowledge of creating an awesome designs.

Steps you must follow for making Rangoli

diwali 2014 simple rangoli ideas

Select the rangoli design

This is the first step for Rangoli making, you have to search the rangoli design and there is no need to go anywhere for finding a Rangoli design. Just open the web and type rangoli design ideas. Thousand of Rangoli design will be there on your computer screen. Now you can select the rangoli design which is good according to you and you can make it easily. So choose the ideas and design for your Rangoli very carefully.

Make Rangoli Step by Step Guide

Draw the Design lightly on Floor

After selecting the related Rangoli Design, now it’s time to sketch the design on floor. For sketching the design on floor you can use chalk or pencil but chalk is much better, remember one thing draw the design lilightly. so you can remove on mistake.

Make Diwali Rangoli Sketch

Finalize the dark outline of the design

Now if you are fully satisfied with your Rangoli design and there is no need of any correction in the design, you need to sketch the outline heavier and dark. It will help in filling the colour in the rangoli.

Cone Rangoli Ideas 2014

Outline your design with colour

Make a cone of newspaper and fill the white colour or sand in the cone after filling the sand, make a hole on the bottom end of the cone. Now use this cone to draw the outline of the design and control the flow of cone with your fingers.

Flower Rangoli Ideas Diwali 2014

Fill your rangoli Design

Finally. your Rangoli design is ready to fill. This is the most fun loving steps of rangoli making and you enjoyed it a lot. You can use various kind of product to fill your rangoli design like:

  • Rice, beans, Rajmah
  • Paint or coloured Sawdust
  • Flowers
  • coloured sand

But keep in mind that, make the Rangoli on the display area and take care of it. Be aware anyone could not destroyed it by walking on it. Hope you did liked our best rangoli ideas for this diwali 2014 festival. Don’t forget to share this useful article about diwali rangoli making ideas.