Happy Diwali 2014 – Top 10 best Gift ideas for Diwali

Diwali is just at our door stop and everyone is busy in the preparation of Diwali. The best way of celebrating Diwali is exchange of gift with your friends, relatives and loving ones. Now the question comes in everyone’s mind, what kind of gifts they should distribute those are easily available and look beautiful and precious. There is a lot of things available in the market those you can gift to your close ones this Diwali 2014. So after searching a lot we have selected the best gift ideas for Diwali in 2014. 

These gift ideas are very in every cost, start from the cheap price and go upto the high price, it depend on your choice and budget, what you will prefer. As we all knows Diwali is the festival of sweets, lights, decoration, Rangoli, candels and chocolates, so i keep in mind all these things  while preparing this list of best gift ides for Diwali 2014. These Diwali gifts are suitable for every age person or every group people either they are friends or relatives.

You can gift these items to your employees too who are working in your factories, company or any other business. Like if you have a huge no. of working than you can gift them a sweet pack + candle + diya and if you have few no. of employees like 10 to 15 than you can gift them a dry fruit pack + a silver coin by wishing a happy diwali. So now you can make your employees, relative and friends happy.

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So here is the list of our top 10 best gift ideas for Diwali 2014 :

Diwali Dry fruits

Decorated Dry fruits packs are one of the best gift for your relative and friends on Diwali, Even peoples prefer more Dry fruits than sweets because after Diwali winter season has started and in winters people use dry fruits. You can store dry fruits for a long time and can use anytime, we personally use Dry fruits pack as gift every year on Diwali. There are huge no. of beautiful dry fruits packing available in the market as well as you can place order online.

Best Gift ideas for Diwali

Diwali Sweets

We can’t ignore the importance of Sweets on Diwali although it is the festival of sweets and lights. So if you can’t afford the costly dry fruit packs than you can distribute reasonable sweet packs. If you have working staff and big no. of friends than Sweets is the best gift. There are a multiple variety of sweets available to your local sweet makers, choose the best and tasty sweets and gift to your close ones.

diwali gift ideas

Diwali idols

Diwali 2014 is the festival of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, On Diwali we all worshiped of these god idols. So you can offer the idol of Ganesha and Laxmi as a gift to your friends and relatives.These idols are easily available in the market as well as online in various elements like mettle, silver, artificial, wooden and many other ingredients. So make this Diwali more beautiful and prosperous by gifting these idols.

shree ganesh statue diwali gift

Diwali chocolates

Oldies, Younger, teenagers and Children all loves chocolates. After Dry fruits people prefer to gift chocolates to their loving ones. Chocolates packs are available in every kind of range Like from 200 Rs. pack to 2000 Rs. pack. It depend on you which range will be fitted in your budgets, You can buy these beautiful and designed choco packs from your local bakers or sweet shops.

chocolate gifts on diwali

Diwali gift combo

Gift combo is really a great gift at Diwali, you can buy combos of multiple things and gift to their close ones. In these gift combos you can includes candles, diyas, idol, chocolates, rangoli kit and wall hangings, all these things are usable on Diwali and related to the festival. These combos are available to your local gift shops and at Diwali season there is a flood of these combo gifts, So buy these combos and make your friends happy.

diwali gift combo offers

Diwali silver products

Silver products are most trendy Diwali gifts. These gift are suitable for rich peoples who can afford the costly silver made products. If you can buy silver made goods than Silver make Pooja thali is best among all. In this thali you can iclude small silver bowls, silver odol, and other silver made things which used during pooja.

best diwali gift of silver products


Diwali Candle & Candle Holder

Candles and candle holder is also a beautiful Diwali Gift. You can buy beautiful decorated candles and holders to place candles whic h are easily available during Diwali days. These candels you can burn in pooja rooms during pooja and it burn upto a long time. These candles looks very beautiful due to their beautiful colors and different shape.

happy diwali 2014 candle gifts

Diwali Wall Hangings and Torans

Wall Hangings and Torans are used to decorate homes on Diwali. People hang these toran and wall hangings on their entry door and other are of homes. These hangings make our home very beautiful and make the Diwali more pleasant by decorating Home. So if your thinking to gift these hangings and toran as gift pack than it will be a beautiful gift for your close friends. It will always be a memory of yours in their mind as these hangings. In markets you can see these torans and hangings in multiple designs.


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Diwali metal diya and rangoli kits

As we all knows Diwali is the festivals of ligts, decorations and colours. we place diyas in our home everywhere and amke Rangoli at our home door stop. So you can gift the decorated metal diya and Rangoli kits to your friends and relatives. The gift shops keep these decorated diya kits and rangoli kits at their shop during Diwali. So buy these beautiful gift for your special ones.



Cooking Accessories

A well combination of Cooking accessories is also a brilliant gift idea for Diwali. You can buy multiple cooking stuff and pack them in a beautiful pack and gift them to your specials. These cooking accessories are usable at home during cooking in kitchen and will always remind your friends about you. So buy goo qualities cooking product and place them in a pack, after little decoration offer it to your friend, a big smile on their face is confirm after opening this gift.



This list of best and economic Diwali gift ideas is over guys from my side, if i miss any you can share through your comments. I hope this list will help you in selecting the best gift on this diwali. For More Diwali updates stay tunes with us.

Wish You a very happy and safe Diwali !!!!!