Best Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

Diwali is not so far just 43 days remaining in Diwali celebration, This year Diwali will be celebrated on 23rd October 2014 and i know everyone is very excited for Diwali 2014. All peoples are thinking on how to celebrate this Diwali like never before. Even the thinks on how to decorate their home, office, and other surrounding, what dished they should make on this Diwali, what kind of gifts they should buy for their friends on Diwali 2014. But the task to decorate home on Diwali is the most concerned by peoples, they always try to find Diwali home decoration ideas, so here i am going to describe here the best home and office decoration ideas on Diwali. 

[Best] Diwali Home Decoration Ideas:

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

Diwali Rangoli decoration ideas:

Rangoli is one of the best and most recommended idea to decorate your home on Diwali, it looks really beautiful and pleasant to make rangoli at home in diwali. Rangoli is the symbol of colors and happiness so if you make rangoli to celebrate Diwali, it assumed good from the point of view of God blessings. Mostly people make Rangoli in the main front of the home like in gallery, on main door, in lobby or in pooja room if it has proper space.

Diwali Rangoli Decoration Ideas

Decorative Diwali Rangoli With “Happy Diwali” Quote

You can make rangoli from different kind of ingredients which is available in the market like beans, rice, flowers, colours, sawdust and many other things you can use to draw rangoli on you home floor. In upcoming Rangoli post on, we will present the best rangoli designs that you can make to celebrate Diwali.

Diwali Office decoration ideas:

Diwali Office Decoration Ideas

Diwali is the festival of lights and decoration so how we can forget to decorate to our working place, due to that we earn and make our Diwali beautiful by spending money. So with home it is essential to decorate to office too, there is not too much ideas to decorate office due to the less space but a small place also can become beautiful if we decorate it in a good manner. In market there a lot of decoration material available which can be applied to decorate the office like:

  • hand made things, craft, diwali paintings
  • artificial decorative candles and diyas,
  • antique, lighting material
  • magical trees, table lamps
  • God & Goddess Statues
  • wall and door hangings

Diwali Pooja room decoration ideas:

Best Diwali Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Pooja room is the most beautiful place of a home, hindus organize lakshmi pooja on Diwali evening. So it is essential to decorate pooja room beautifully. You can decorate your pooja room easily by applying these ideas like :

  • Place the beautiful idol or murti of Lord Ganesha and lakshmi in the temple
  • prepare the pooja thali for lakshmi poojan
  • decorate the temple by candles and diyas
  • use silver coins for Diwali pujan
  • Hits Earthen Lamps
  • put the flowers made hanging on pooja room door

Diwali flower decoration ideas:

Diwali Flower Decoration Idea

One of the best diwali home decoration ideas is to decorate flower pots. flowers is also a good idea to make your home beautiful. you can use different category flowers to decorate your home like orchid, roses, lotus, sunflowers and many more. You can make rangoli by using rose petals and can make hangings by different category of flowers and hang these flower made hangings on walls and doors. the flowers also can use to decorate the pooja thali and in drawing room decoration. Flowers are easily available in the market in Diwali season.

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Diwali Drawing Room decoration ideas:

Drawing room is the most calm and modern place of the home, you cant decorate it in a full traditional way. To decorate the drawing room you will have to do something mixture of modern and traditional decorating ideas. The drawing is mostly decorated by ready made things like paintings, pots, antics, artificial candles and diyas, hangings, decorated cartons catchers, magical tress and many other lighting things. You can also use the electronic lambs to decorate drawing rooms on this diwali.

Diwali lobby decoration ideas:

Diwali Lobby Decoration Ideas

Lobby is the main and largest area of the home, if you decorate all are of the home but left the lobby than your home will look simple and undercoated. So firstly decorate lobby with multiple decoration things like candles, diyas, hangings, lighting, lanterns, lamps, flowers and many other decorating materials. you can place Diwali stickers on the main door of lobby and hang the painting on the front wall of the lobby by doing this, the people who will enter in the lobby will feel good by seeing the front wall.

Extra Tips: You can also make rangoli on the floor of lobby if you have enough space in the lobby area.

Diwali Pooja Thali decoration ideas:

Best Diwali Pooja Thali Ideas

There are special trays available in the market for making pooja thali, you can use these trays to prepare pooja thali or can buy a ready made decorated pooja thali from the market but it will be great if you prepared your pooja thali with your hand. So for preparing pooja thali firstly buy a rough tray and decorate it with things like gota, small mirrors, red ribbon ans other material can use in it. After that put the ingredients like rice, fruits and sweets, fresh flowers and candles in the thali. now your decorate pooja thali is ready for poojan.

All these decoration ideas are the personal creation of my mind and i usually use these ideas on every Diwali to decorate my home. these beautiful Diwali home decoration ideas are not only useful on Diwali , you can use it on any kind of home functions and festival occasions.