Download Navratri 2016 Video Songs Collection

Navratri festival is knocking your doorstep now. People are moving on and getting ready to celebrate this awesome festival with the maximum joy and happiness. It’s mainly celebrated all over india in the worship of goddess durga. She is an icon of strength (Shakti). The legend is that 9 days of maa durga puja gives you a strength to go ahead in your life beyond the obstacles. The Durga Puja during Navratri is being celebrated with variegated ways.

The different ways of the Navratri Festival Durga puja are unique and not identical at all. You’ll see navratri celebration in open air ground with a big stage. filled up with thousands of people over there. On the other side, You may catch a small group of people celebrating navratri in the indoor auditorium (or stadium). This is the way, how indian people celebrates this festival.

Navratri 2014 Video songs

Today almost all of youngsters likes to celebrate this festival being in the traditional dresses. They can perform dance as well as garba on any songs. You just need to play the DJ music! The celebration will be continued after that. There are many popular songs over there, can be appended to the rhythm of dandiya raas. Music composers, studios and rock bands are top-notch choices for the garba dandiya raas organizers. Because people wants something new in this festival. They just want to get rid of the old method of playing the songs on the DJ systems.

Download Navratri 2014 Video Songs Collection:

You will be wondered that why we’re listing out the video songs over here. But there is a reason for it. Many boys and girls do learn navratri steps and dandiya raas. This navratri 2014 video songs might help them to learn in a better way. This video songs are one of the most popular navratri video song tracks, and is been loved by millions of viewers over Youtube.

List of the best video songs (Bollywood, Dance, Remixes, Non-stop)-

1) Lungi Dance Non-stop Bollywood Dandiya

2) 90 Non Stop Song Falguni Pathak

3) Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje – Navratri Dhodhiya Raas Garba Song

4) Nagada Sang Dhol – Ram Leela ( Titoda + Dodhiya Mix Garba Video Song )