Ideas for Indian Wedding Cards

How to Choose Cards for Wedding from India

Weddings are usually grand in India and wedding cards are a popular form of invitation that is used to inform the guests about the wedding. It is used to provide information about the celebrations and also serves as an indicator of the couple’s social status. Read below for an overview guide that can help you in choosing the right type of wedding cards for an Indian wedding.

Type of Cards

Usually an Indian wedding spans a period of three days and not all guests are invited for all three ceremonies. You can also go for separate cards if you wish to restrict the three day festivities for a separate set of guests. If you wish to invite the guests for all three days, then the same card can incorporate all information. It is also fairly common to use the last page for providing directions to the wedding venue. If you are from a particular community or religion, then the card can also incorporate it into the design. The wedding card should also celebrate the spirit and customs of the two parties and it is always best to decide on the kind of wedding card that you would like beforehand.

Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

Cards fall in the category of :-

Hindu Wedding Cards

Muslim Wedding Cards

Sikh Wedding Cards

Christian Wedding Cards

Religious Wedding Invitations

Design Wedding Invites

Handmade Wedding Cards

Floral & Conceptual Wedding Cards

and much more..



Wedding cards are available for a variety of buyers and are available to suit all budget types. The more cards you need, the higher your budget will be. The cost of the card will also vary according to the design and the amount of graphics on each card so it’s best to go for a card that takes care of all your needs and fits your budget as well. Nowadays, customisations are possible and wedding cards are available to suit all budget types. No matter what your budget, you are sure to find a wedding card that takes care of your needs.


Usually Indian weddings celebrate the occasion in a colourful manner and the cards are also a representative of the colourful mood. Dull colours are avoided and bright colours such as red, orange and green are usually preferred. A good choice is to establish a base colour for the card and then decide on the amount of colour variations as per your choice. Always avoid dull colours and black should never be used as it is taken as a sign of mourning in most cultures.


Usually the design takes on a religious form and the Indian God Ganesh is printed on the front page of the wedding card. The God signifies good luck and happiness for the couple. Patterns and ornamental designs generally figure on the insides. It is best to discuss with the partners and arrive on a mutually acceptable design beforehand. Artificial jewellery and mirror decorations can also be used on the inside for a better appearance on the insides.

Nowadays, cards are printed digitally and allow for more variations which were not possible traditionally. You can get access to thousands of designs and also get a sample printed before you actually decide on the design and the colour of your wedding card.