How to dress to impress a boy?

Impress a Boy on First Date

You don’t need to spend millions to dress well. With a little bit of effort and smart shopping, you can impress your crush without spending too much. The most important thing to keep in mind is to dress appropriately for the occasion and the clothing should be something that relaxes you and doesn’t make you feel conscious.
Impress Boy on Date
Find out his likes

Try to find out what he likes, his choice of patterns and colours is a good place to start. You can also get a fair idea about his preferences by the way he dresses. You can then stylize your wardrobe based on the patterns, colours, designs that he is into. It’s best to be diverse however because you don’t want to go around in a one colour dress all the time.

Ideas for Date Dress

Selecting the right shirt/ top

Try to find a shirt or top that fits you perfectly. It’s always best to avoid something that is too clingy or too loose but try to go for something that accentuates your best features. Remember that the clothing should not only be comfortable but also should look cool on you.

Skirt for First Date

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Selecting the right pant/ skirt

Go for a pant/ skirt that do not add or diminish your natural height. Skinny jeans are a good option but ensure that they are a good fit. It shouldn’t be too tacky but not very subtle at the same time.

Heel Shoes Girls

Selecting the right shoes

Shoes are an important part of any wardrobe and you must use one that is fit for the desired activity. If you are going to a party with him, then a stiletto would work best but if it’s an outdoor fun activity, then a cool pair of sneakers would be the right fit. Select the right kind of footwear depending on the occasion.

Face Makeup Girl

Wear Makeup

Don’t overdo makeup as males don’t usually like it. Go for a light lip gloss, some mascara and a dash of blush. While a gothic look works well for themed parties, it isn’t the best idea when you are trying to impress your crush. Try and remain natural and don’t try anything which you wouldn’t normally use otherwise you will end up feeling awkward and not relaxed when you are in front of him.

Girls Accessories on Date

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Use accessories

Don’t go overboard with accessories but definitely try out some that match your clothing and personality. A few bangles or earrings work best but you may also try out a trendy watch or a hair band if you keep longer hair. An accessory should enhance your look but shouldn’t be so gaudy and eye catching that it diverts attention from you altogether. Ethnic accessories are also a good option but if you don’t like them, even a tiny necklace will do the trick.


Stay in your budget

Sure you like him and want to go out of your way to impress him but its best to decide your budget beforehand and then go shopping. Great deals and discounts are available online and you can always research before you decide to splurge.